Chef Andy

Chef Mike


Sacramento locals who love to eat and travel for food were eager to bring Reel Poké Cove to the heart of Roseville, California.

Andy, Head Chef and Owner, was born in Sacramento, California.  He started in the food industry at the age of sixteen.  His first job was at a fast food chain and went on to eventually being a Sushi Chef Manager.  In 2016, his first son was born and everything changed.  The idea of owning his own shop was always a dream of his and the opportunity came in 2017.


Andy is the face you're likely to see on a weekday working all duties from prepping, cooking, building bowls, washing dishes, ordering inventory and mentoring team members.  Nothing is too small or too big of a job for him.  In 2018, he won first place in his first poké competition.  He truly is the Reel MVP.


Mike, Chef and Owner, was born in South Lake Tahoe, California.  He came to Sacramento, California at the age of five.  Mike has always had a passion for food.  He enjoys experimenting new recipes and bringing new ideas to the table.  His background in project management brings another asset to Reel Poké Cove.